Incubator - Climate Chamber

Incubator - Climate Chamber

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LAB Equipment Online provides a range of temperature and humidity controlled chambers ideal for laboratory testing and research where accurate control of the temperature and relative humidity is required. Suitable for environmental testing applications, environmental conditions can be accurately reproduced and controlled.

These models feature mirror stainless steel inner chamber with adjustable shelves. Intelligent programmed temperature and humidity control system with a program of 30 sections ensure timing, repeated or multistep running of temperature and humidity.

Fluoride-free refrigeration and Manual ultrasonic humidifier. Intelligent refrigeration and defrosting system, with the function of auto running, auto stopping and timing running, as well as parameter memorizing, power reset recovery and temperature display revising. Over-temperature safety device with sensor failure alarm and low and high-level alarm system.

There is a switch for inner chamber light to see the inner chamber sample condition (can change to UV Lamp as required).

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